Downhole cables are especially vulnerable during installation and retrieval. Our cross-coupling protectors support virtually any configuration of control lines, electric submersible pumps, umbilical lines or encapsulated bundles in the wellbore. The protector’s channel shields cables and lines as they transition across the coupling, helping to prevent damage during installation or retrieval of completions. The compressive fit design accommodates oversize or undersize tubing per American Petroleum Institute specs and securely engages the cable or lines to the tubing.

For your most challenging well environments, Super 25 cross-coupling protectors provide the same functionality as our standard protectors with the added benefit of superior corrosion resistance. No matter which configuration you choose, installation is quick and easy with air-driven hydraulic tools.

Forum’s cross-coupling ESP cable protectors are part of our Cannon Services product line and extensive Forum Multilift Solutions catalog.

Benefits (Standard Configuration)
  • Prevents costly damage to cables or capillaries during installation and retrieval
  • Offers high reusability, increasing cost savings on well workovers
  • Installs successfully in even the most complex offshore/subsea well designs
  • Installs quickly to reduce workover time and cost
Additional Benefits (Super Duplex 25 Configuration)
  • Superior resistance to many forms of corrosion encountered in oil and gas wells.
Features (Standard Configuration)
  • Interchangeable designs (fits tubing with outside diameters of 2-13.75 inches or greater)
  • Multiple channel designs available to support multi-line configurations.
  • Suitable for high-angle wellbores
  • Available in custom configurations
  • Options for corrosion-resistant alloy and other specialty steels
Additional Features (Super 25 Configuration)
  • Highly resistant to uniform corrosion from most acids, as well as chloride pitting and crevice corrosion
  • Superior resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking
Applications (Standard Configuration)
  • Artificial lift
  • Permanent gauges
  • Intelligent wells
  • Fiber optics
  • Safety valves
  • Geophones
Applications (Super 25 Duplex Configuration)