Crude Oil Flowline Solution Case Study

Crude Oil Flowline Solution

High quality, cost efficient, flowline solution delivers when timing is of the essence.

Project Overview

A locally owned E&P company with a focus on highly productive assets in Mississippi and Louisiana. The company had been using blue-band tubing; threading up and tag welding the tubulars for flowlines from wellhead to gathering tanks and batteries. On this project, the company needed a different solution due to the location of the well, which was subject to review by the Army Corps of Engineers.

The wellhead was set inside the river’s floodplain and unusually high river conditions limited access to the lease to a window of no longer than three weeks in late August.

Utilizing Coiled Line Pipe from Global Tubing, the client installed 17,230 feet of pipe in just three days. The deployment was rather complex and involved six (6) lines located side-by-side, six (6) cased hole pulls and four (4) futures deployed for future tie-in potential.

The Coiled Line Pipe deployment crew consisted of two installation specialists and two pieces of equipment that were mobilized with less than a 48-hour notice from Global Tubing’s main manufacturing and support facility in Dayton, TX.

Project Highlights

  • High-quality product required at competitive cost.
  • The project window was less than 14 days, yet it took only 5 business days from mobilization to de-mobilization of all assets to and from site.
  • The actual pipe stringing took 3 days only with 5,700 feet on average installed per day.


Coiled Line Pipe delivers unprecedented speed of installation for steel pipelines by reducing the intensity of stringing, handling, boring and welding operations by nearly 90%. It is the optimal solution for flowlines where cost, time and efficiency of the essence.


Crude Oil Production


Laurel, Mississippi


Crude Oil – Multiphase
and Gas-Lift Lines


2 ½” Nominal OD,
Schedule 40, A53B/X52C, 3LPP


17,230 feet

Crude Oil Flowline Solution Case Study