Cost Savings and Speed in the Permian Case Study

Cost Savings and Speed in the Permian

Coiled Line Pipe provides significant cost advantage to a major independent in New Mexico.

Project Overview

A major independent U.S. E&P needed a fuel gas line completed quickly and within a very tight budget. The pipeline had multiple crossings and the Right of Way included two sweeping 90 degree turns, presenting unique challenges relative to material selection. Coiled Line Pipe was selected as the solution that provided the greatest cost benefit and the highest quality and compliance match to the application needs.

Project Highlights

  • Global Tubing manufactured 3,700 ft of Coiled Line Pipe for the project.
  • The pipe was delivered to site and strung out within a week of delivery, which was 12 times faster than what the teams had been used to, by using seamless, steel pipe.
  • The entire pipeline length required only 5 welds (including the riser connections), which were faster and more cost efficient than composite connections and did not require special staff or equipment.
  • Pipe crossings were completed by pushing the pipe under, while deploying into the ditch.
  • There were no pipe cuts and no damage to the pipeline’s protective coating or the pipeline itself.
  • After complete deployment of the Coiled Line Pipe, an electrical holiday detection test was completed on the entire pipeline length and it registered ZERO DAMAGE.
  • The pipeline material documentation consisted of six MTRs, compared to nearly one hundred for stick pipe, thus proving confidence in the uniformity of the material and full traceability.
  • By using Global Tubing’s Coiled Line Pipe, the customer decreased HSEQ risk and exposure in the field by reducing man-hours worked nearly 65% and equipment hours by almost 61%.


Global Tubing’s Coiled Line Pipe supplied a no hassle solution for the field needs of the client. Cost savings of 12.5% over the steel pipe installation were delivered upon project completion. By using Coiled Line Pipe, every client can enjoy the peace of mind that only steel pipe’s long history and specification compliance can provide combined with the cost savings of a spool-able pipeline.


Coiled Line Pipe for
Transmission Pipeline


Hobbs, New Mexico


Fuel Gas


4″ Nominal OD,
Schedule 40, A53/X52C
Coiled Line Pipe


3,700 feet

Cost Savings and Speed in the Permian Case Study