Coastal Waters Installation Case Study

Coastal Waters Installation

Coiled Line Pipe proves its value in GOM coastal waters.

Project Overview

One of the largest, privately-held exploration and production companies in the United States needed a fast and cost efficient way to install steel flowlines on two wells. After careful engineering review and competitive bid — with a short weather window and sharp focus on costs, quality and safety — they turned to Global Tubing to provide them with a Coiled Line Pipe solution.

Two reels of Coiled Line Pipe and all the required installation support equipment were delivered from Global Tubing’s Dayton, TX facility to site. The two lines of lengths 2,400 feet and 1,220 feet were installed within 48 hours of delivery. The installation required only one pipe-to-pipe weld and a team of only one trained individual and one support staff. After completing the set-up, the 1,220 foot line was deployed in less than 20 minutes. The client was extremely happy with the timeline and the product performance and is looking forward to utilizing it again on flowline,

Project Highlights

  • Fast installation to minimize the cost of barge and equipment rentals offshore.
  • Record breaking installation speed of 1,220 feet in under 20 minutes (equivalent to approximately two joints of stick pipe per minute).
  • Mobilization-Install-Demobilization window of 48 hours with 2 support staff only.


Global Tubing provided the fastest and most cost efficient alternative for a steel pipeline for the client.


In-field Production Lines


Venice, Louisiana


Crude Oil – Multiphase


2″ Nominal OD, Schedule 80,
A53B/X52C, 3LPP Coated Pipe


3,620 feet (two lines)

Coastal Waters Installation Case Study