Forum provides rugged, high-precision drilling instrumentation equipment – from single pressure gauges to complete systems – all designed to meet the information needs of drillers, toolpushers and E&P company staff. Rig-tested and field-proven on land and offshore since 1975, Forum Drilling Instrumentation products can deliver data the way you want it: from IADC standard reports to custom formats; and it can be delivered in real time to the rig or office. The support team that stands behind your Forum equipment is both knowledgeable and easy to reach; ready to keep you on top of your drilling performance worldwide.

Within today’s tough drilling environments there is a critical need for rugged, dependable and accurate tools. Forum provides a complete line of instrumentation equipment; with everything from pressure gauges to complete systems. Forum will help identify the highest quality, most cost-effective product for your job and then back it with individual attention.