Lift Equipment, Line Clamps, and Test Plugs

Because well intervention activities involve frequent installation, repositioning and removal of high-weight or bulky loads, Forum offers a dependable line of heavy-duty lifting lift caps, lift clamps and spreader bars. Offered in numerous standard and custom configurations, they are precisely manufactured from high-grade, corrosion-resistant materials that outperform even in severely corrosive environments. All of our lifting solutions are pressure- and load-tested to ensure maximum safety, with full traceability reports available on request.  Equipment is manufactured in accordance with API 8C.

Lift Caps

Strong and versatile, our lift caps save time and cost by streamlining lifting operations. Offered with an extensive catalog of size and thread options, lift caps/eyes are produced from solid pieces of stock to provide maximum strength from a centralized lifting point. They are also offered with multiple test ports or as simple vent designs to meet your specific project needs.

Lifting Clamps

Forum’s lifting clamps are designed to enhance safety and provide optimal control during lubricator and pressure control equipment lifting tasks. Often used in pairs, the clamps attach firmly for safe hoisting and can provide vertical, horizontal or multi-directional lifting, depending on the configuration. Available in multiple standard sizes as well as custom designs.

Spreader Bars

Designed for loads with wide-apart lift points, our heavy-duty spreader bars provide critical safety and control for heavy equipment lifting. Spreader bars increase load stability by raising the suspension point away from the center of gravity, keeping the payload balanced and untangled. Our maximum-strength design supports working loads up to 25 tons.