Monitoring Systems

Satellite System

Provides secure, real-time, broadband communication with your rig wherever you are, wherever you go

Enables rig personnel to stay in contact with offsite staff and business partners via direct, secure, broadband Internet connection. Provides connectivity for as many as 3 rigsite workstations, as well as 2 phone lines for voice, fax, or data.

The Satellite System can be used with Forum’s ICE Rig Monitor System for speedy, secure rigsite and offsite monitoring and analysis of rig drilling data via any device that can connect to the Internet.

The Forum Advantage

When used with the Forum ADMS System, all data is stored on password-protected computers controlled only by you, accessible only by authorized personnel, both rigsite and offsite.

  • Your offsite Internet devices can access an unlimited number of password-protected rigsites.
  • Provides broadband Internet connectivity to offsite devices such as telephones, laptops, and faxes.
  • Delivers true real-time communication. Unlike systems that route data through offsite servers, the Forum Satellite System instantaneously delivers data directly from the rigsite to offsite devices.

CCTV System

Forum’s CCTV system is an IP CCTV system that is specially designed for remote and harsh environments on offshore production platforms, FPSO’s drilling rigs and wind farms, as well as onshore land rigs, petrochemical facilities and tank farms. When the working area is explosion proof, or when there are a lot of vibrations, shocks or high EMC radiation, the Forum CCTV system is your best option. With over 15 years of experience the system has proven to be very reliable. The CCTV system has endured the heat in Saudi Arabia to the harsh North Sea, and from the Gulf of Mexico to the Far East. Operating in high risk and harsh environments is challenging. Visual information is often key to monitoring and safeguarding the processes, but is also hard to obtain. Our sophisticated CCTV system will give you all the images you need to guarantee a safe and efficient operation. The system is easy to operate and can be expanded from a simple monitoring system to an advanced warning system, saving you time and money.


  • Increased efficiency – by remote (onshore) access and advanced analytics
  • Flexible system – easy to expand with additional cameras
  • Simple control – through dedicated monitoring stations
  • Reduced cabling cost – due to smart design
  • Full view of installation – with ruggedized and Ex equipment


  • Viewing of high quality video for multiple cameras in multiple configurations
  • Support H.264 digital video codec
  • Forum’s software is simple and fast. It has a low latency and a high quality image
  • Control PTZ or AF-Zoom cameras by using mouse, touchscreen, trackerball or optional joystick
  • Easy and intuitive navigation
  • Many possibilities of different split views and selectable video streams
  • PTZ presets and master-presets for controlling multiple PTZ simultaneously
  • Sequential camera switcher
  • Mix and match different types of cameras in one Forum IP system.

Drilling Recorder

Durable, reliable recorder delivers crucial drilling data

An essential tool for all drilling operations, the Drilling Recorder provides accurate, duplicate 12-hour or 24-hour charts that record measurements of virtually all crucial drilling functions, such as drill string weight, penetration rate, and other data.


  • Duplicate 12-hour or 24-hour strip charts in English, metric, or SI metric measurements.
  • Available in 3-, 5-, or 7-pen configurations.
  • Recordings include:
    • Weight
      Detects downhole problems such as tight holes or cave-ins as they occur.
    • Penetration
      Indicates each 1-foot and 5-foot depth drilled (or each 1/3 meter and 1 meter).
    • Rotary RPM
      Enables optimum penetration.
    • Torque
      Alerts operator about problems such as worn bits, formation changes, and out-of-gauge holes.
    • Pump rate SPM
      Ensures accurate calculations of fluid volume pumped into the system. When used with other records, can help predict kick areas for offset wells.
    • Pump pressure
      Provides warning of potential downhole problems.
    • Pit level
      Indicates problems such as kicks or lost circulation.
    • Fluid flow
      Warns of lost circulation, formation fluid influx, or kicks.


  • Engineered for durability
  • Simple design makes maintenance easy
  • Includes rugged chart storage container

To order specify:

  • Sensors required
  • Number of pens (3, 5, or 7)
  • Functions to record
  • 12- or 24-hour chart drive
  • Wire and hose lengths

PMMS-1000 Pneumatic Mud Monitoring System

State-of-the-art system provides precision mud deviation measurement

The PMMS-1000 Pneumatic Mud Monitoring System indicates mud deviations with an accuracy of ± 1 BBL. Clearly readable 6-inch gauges quickly indicate sudden mud changes caused by gas intrusion or formation breakdown. The system consists of Gauges, Console, Flow Sensor, Stroke Counter, and Pit Probes. Gauges can be mounted with other gauges in a stainless steel console or used as individual, freestanding units.


  • Standard indicators include: PMMS Console
    • Loss/Gain Indicator with high/low alarms
    • Total BBLs Indicator
    • Percent of Return Mud Flow Indicator with high/low alarms
    • Pump Stroke Counter and Pump Rate Indicator
    • Pit Room Total BBLs Indicator
  • Stainless steel vertical pit level sensor probes to a depth of
    25 feet.
  • Approved for hazardous locations.
  • Gauges can indicate measurements for a single pit or total measurements for multiple pits.
  • Pump Stroke Counter and Pump Rate Indicator feature a digital display in a stainless steel case and a safe lithium battery — eliminating the need for a hazardous 110 VAC.
  • Mountable in a drilling console or in a freestanding unit located near the driller.
  • Provides continuous surveillance of mud pits.
  • Measurements can be recorded on 12-hour or 24-hour circular charts.


  • Visual and audible loss/gain alarms can be set to activate at specific mud volumes and percentages of return flow — increase and decrease — for immediate notification of deviation.
  • Most components available from manufacturers worldwide as standard off-the-shelf items — no need for printed circuit boards that cannot be repaired onsite.
  • Gauges indicate total volume in pitroom for surveillance by pit tender — no need for string and nut.
  • Large, easy-to-read 6-inch gauges.
  • Readouts can be duplicated for remote locations, such as a main office, without additional sensors.
  • Mechanical pneumatics enable easy troubleshooting and service by rig maintenance personnel — no need for costly high-tech electronics in remote locations.
  • Lower initial investment and lower maintenance costs than electronic units.

To Order Specify

  • Total mud volume in BBLs
  • Number of pits
  • Depth of pits
  • Whether or not a trip tank is needed
  • Trip tank volume and depth