Intricate wireline and coiled tubing tasks are made even more complicated by tight workspaces and the potential for downhole pressure fluctuations. Because they mitigate well pressure and provide convenient access for downhole tools, lubricators are essential during rigging up and wireline operations. Elevating tool strings above the wellhead provides easier wellbore access by optimizing tool deployment and sub-surface flow control.

Forum manufactures an entire line of standard and custom lubricators that provide optimal coiled tubing and wireline tool access. Designed to eliminate potential leaks, they are compatible with surface pressure control equipment and offer quick change-outs and other simplified maintenance. Lubricators are available in a broad array of conventional, integral, lightweight and flanged styles.

  • Assemblies available in custom lengths and sizes
  • Available with customized top and bottom connections
  • Working pressure and service ratings available
  • Industry-standard unions
  • Threaded or integral design
  • Crossover adapters available
  • Available with quick unions
  • High-pressure ports (replaceable port option)