Head Catchers

Effective completion operations involve many “ounce of prevention” components designed to keep crews safe and reduce downtime. Located at the top of lubricator sections, head catchers (or wireline tool catchers) serve as safeguards to prevent tools from falling downhole. If wireline tools are forced into the top of the lubricators or lines pull out of rope sockets, the catchers clamp down on the fishing necks of the tools and secure them in a tight, claw-like grip.

Forum’s head catchers feature spring-loaded jaws that are set to auto-catch by default. The fail-safe jaws must be hydraulically actuated to release the fishing neck after a tool catch is made, protecting your crew even during sudden pressure loss. In an additional safety feature, head catchers are equipped with integral ball check valves that effectively seal off wellbore pressure in the event of a pull-off.

  • Working pressure: 15,000 pounds per square inch (psi)
  • Test pressure: 22,500 psi
  • Multiple ported and non-ported designs
  • Standard and hydrogen sulfide service
  • Available for all slickline sizes
  • Multi-catch options available

Note: pressure and service depend on union being requested.