Pump smarter with FET’s HydraLine™ Single-Line System

FET’s HydraLine™ Single-Line System: Field-proven technology providing enhanced safety, reduced complexity, and is easily adaptable to any frac pad design.


  • 80% fewer connections and total elimination of all treating iron hammer unions.
  • Providing streamlined rig up and rig down that yields up to 50-60% time savings versus legacy-style manifold systems.
  • Non-productive time associated with iron failures and leaks of traditional treating iron arrangements reduced by up to 90%.
  • Delivering lower operating costs, improved efficiencies, and bolstered well site safety.


  • Zero Hammer Union Connections
  • Robust Hub-Style Connections on Remaining Iron Components
  • Elimination of Swivels and Pup Joints
  • Prolonged Asset Life on Primary Components
  • Optimized Pad Layout
  • Vibration Dampening by High-Pressure Hoses


  • Improved Safety
  • Reduced NPT by Mitigating Failure/Leak Points
  • Decreased Recertification Cost
  • Improved Total Cost of Ownership
  • Streamlined Rig Up and Rig Down Efficiencies
  • Improved Equipment Longevity

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