Rotating Joint

Forum’s Coiled Tubing rotating joints / swivels are designed to support your CT pumping operations with a variety of bore sizes, connection types, and shapes.

Multi-style seals and a heavy duty bearing design in a hydraulic oil bath ensures a wide pressure sealing range and a long, reliable service life.

General Specifications
  • Bore Size/MWP: 1.5” – 2.5” 10,000 PSI to 15,000 PSI
  • Service: Standard/H2S
  • Standard Operating Temperatures: -29°C to 121°C (-20°F to 250°F)
  • Low Operating Temperatures: – 45°C to 82°C (-50°F to 180°F)
  • Roller bearing design to provide longer bearing life
  • Oil bath for bearings with oil level check port.
  • Advanced packing stack design provides improved seal over a wide range of pressures and temperatures.
  • Includes weep port to indicate faulty packing stack.