The HLA 15K is the #1 well head quick connection in the oilfield. The HLA 15K is built off of the same dependable and field repair capable platform as the HLA 10K but can handle 15K pressures. The HLA 15K comes with many OEM remote options to provide more functionality that can be operated at a safe distance.

  • 15KSI operations
  • Remotely rig up, operate Lift Night Caps, and launch frac balls
  • 30%-40% approximate times savings over traditional man basket operations
  • Increases uptime by allowing for more simultaneous operations of frac and wireline crews
  • Can be repaired in as little as 15 minutes in the field
  • 15KSI pressure rating
  • Sensors with indicator lights to ensure safe operation of equipment
  • Highly visible entry guide
  • Remotely Operated Lift Night Cap
  • Remotely Operated Frac Ball Launcher
  • Single and Multi-Unit control panels
  • Standard and Self Powered control panels
  • Multi-Unit transport skids.