Casing Packers

The Type 100 Integral Casing Packer is a permanent, steel-reinforced packer that is run as an integral part of the casing string. The mandrel through the packer is the same size, weight, and grade as the casing. The packer is threaded with connections identical to those of the casing string.

The Integral Casing Packer is available with a single sealing element, or with dual straddle elements. It can be run in a multitude of arrangements for numerous applications. When inflated, the packer element will effectively seal between concentric casing strings or between casing and open hole.

This packer can be used to:

  • Control wellbore migration of gas and fluid.
  • Separate multiple zones.
  • Prevent unwanted water intrusion.
  • Allow gravel packing of multiple zones.
  • Reduce hydrostatic pressure during stage cementing.
  • Centralize casing.

Type 100 Integral Casing Packer

  • Inflation Control Valves
  • Knock-Off Plug
  • Rubber innertube
  • Rubber Outer Cover
  • Flexible Steel Reinforcing
  • Sliding Seal
  • Mandrel (Casing Sub)
  • Flow Restrictor Baffles

For casing sizes smaller than 3 1/2″ and larger than 20″, please consult your Forum representative.