Introducing the new DuraLine™ Manifold

Meet our next-generation, modular, lightweight, skid-based manifold. Rig up your mainline connection in less than five minutes with one operator.

A significant portion of the time and effort expended during a pad move goes into manifold rigging and derigging. API iron is heavy; aligning and mounting — or disassembling — requires several man-hours. And even with the best team, leaks between API flanges with metal-to-metal seals are common.


Get to the revenue-earning pumping phase in a fraction of the time with the FET Well Stimulation DuraLine™ manifold package:

  • Each modular, skid-based DuraLine™ manifold package contains four ports. Add units to easily size the manifold to any job.
  • FET Well Stimulation’s innovative, hub-style DuraLock™ connectors enables each manifold skid to install with just four bolts, instead of the API flange standard of 16. Moreover, our elastomeric DuraLock™ seal interface reduces leaks by eliminating metal-to-metal seals and simplifying installation.
  • Offered standard with FET Well Stimulation’s manifold-mounted Ajax™ crane, rigging units takes just one operator. With FET Well Stimulation Serpent Series™ hoses, the DuraLine™ system weighs 60% less than comparable manifold systems. And after setting up your first FET Well Stimulation Ajax™ crane, there’s no need to maneuver forklifts around iron and hoses in the frac fleet — or risk back injuries.

Comparing FET Well Stimulation manifold systems

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