3" Check Valve

Engineered for the harshest pumping environments, the FET 3” Flapper-Style Check Valve provides reliable isolation during pressure pumping operations.

Key Design Features & Benefits

  • Forged body versus cast body provides improved strength and reliability
  • Exotic internal component materials offer superior longevity reducing total cost of ownership
  • Maintenance intervals are reduced for streamlined operations and minimized downtime
  • Optimized internal body and component geometry to improve flow and mitigate washout
  • Offered with multiple end connections including 1502+ hammer unions and DuraLock hubs

Design Validation Through Field Testing

  • Basin: Permian
  • Application: Slickwater
  • Pumping Hours: 1,060 Hours
  • Average Pump Rate: 5 bbl/min
  • Max Pumps Rate: 5.4 bbl/min
  • Average Pressure: 7,500 PSI
  • Max Pressure: 9,800 PSI
  • Sand Type: 100 Mesh
  • Ave Sand Concentration: 2.5 PPA

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