Torque Indicators

Electric Rotary Torque System

Reliable torque measurements for rigs that use electric motor-driven rotary tables

Engineered to provide years of accurate, reliable measurement of rotary torque on electric rigs, the Forum Electric Rotary Torque System delivers precision performance. Each system includes a Current Transducer and a Signal Conditioner. Other available system components include an Amp Meter and an E/P Transducer.

  • Meter can indicate torque in amps, foot pounds, or metric units of measurement.
  • Current Transducer attaches to DC power cable; no electrical connections are required.
  • Signal Conditioner delivers output to meters, E/P Transducer, drilling recorder, and other data acquisition devices.
To order specify:
  • Meter capacity, in amps
  • Meter measurement: amps, or amps vs foot pounds (or metric equivalent)
  • Classification of installation area

Simple design with no moving parts reduces maintenance requirements and protects your equipment investment.

Mechanical Rotary Torque System

Delivers reliable torque measurements for rigs that use chain-driven rotary tables

Available in box-mount or panel-mount configurations, the Forum Hydraulic Rotary Torque System provides accurate indications of changes in torque for rigs that use chain-driven rotary tables.
Each system includes an Idler assembly and a Gauge.

  • 6-inch fluid-filled Gauge
  • Available in 500 and 1,000 points
  • Gauge has operator-adjustable dial to zero out drill string
    in order to monitor torque at the bit
  • Standard 35-foot hose, with other hose lengths available
  • Rugged Steel Sprocket available (replaces rubber wheel located in Idler assembly)
  • Gauge damper minimizes pointer oscillations caused by drilling and drill string vibration, ensuring accurate readings and increasing the life-span of the gauge.
  • Helps driller know when to change drill bits by indicating hole conditions and torque patterns.
  • Increases safety and optimizes drilling efficiency by providing warnings about possible twist-offs, locked cones on the bit, out-of-gauge holes, and formation changes.
  • Connects easily to Forum drilling recorders to track and record trends.
To order specify
  • Bracket-mount or panel-mount gauge
  • Gauge capacity
  • Chain size
  • Chain width (single or double)
  • Hose length (35 feet is standard)



Steel Sprocket

Tongue Torque Systems & Tension Load Cell

Accurate torque measurement systems reduce drill collar and tool joint failure

Forum Tong Torque Systems indicate the torque applied to drill pipe, drill collars, tubing, and casing while joints are made — important for reducing drill collar and tool joint failure resulting from improper make-up. Two main types of Tong Torque Systems are available:

TLP (Tong Line Pull) Series — Indicates make-up or break-out torque (in pounds of line pull) for tool joints, drill collars, and drill string components.

JT (Joint Type) Series — Indicates torque (in foot-pounds) applied to each joint when using power tongs to run pipe or casings.
Each Tong Torque System consists of a Tension Load Cell that converts line pull into a hydraulic pressure signal, which it sends to a pressure-sensing Gauge through an interconnecting Hydraulic Hose. Each system also includes mounting hardware.

TLP Series
  • Indicates make-up or breakout torque (in pounds of line pull) for tool joints, drill collars, and drill string components.
  • 6-inch fluid-filled indicator displays line pull.
  • Adjustable target pointer can be set to the desired line pull value so the driller can work to a clear mark.
  • Models and capacities available to work with all manual tongs.
  • A wide range of capacities — from 10,000 pounds to 30,000 pounds of line pull, with metric equivalents available.
  • Models available for permanent installation, or for temporary mounting directly on the tong handle.
  • Combination dials available.
JT Series
  • Indicates torque (in foot-pounds) applied to each joint when using power tongs to run pipe or casings.
  • Models available for specific makes and models of power tong.
  • Load Cells available in both tension and compression models, for use with any type of tong.
  • Capacities up to 120,000 foot-pounds, with metric equivalents available.
  • Dual-scale models available.
  • Heavy-duty, rugged Load Cell includes an integrated cylinder and piston, ensuring a long service life and minimum maintenance.
  • Fluid protects working parts of gauge — further reducing the need for repairs and protecting your equipment investment.
  • Provides accurate torque indications, reducing drill collar and tool joint failure.
  • Gauge pointer can be set to the required torque to give driller a clear target mark.
  • Box mount, panel mount, tong clamp and tong handle mount configurations available, providing the flexibility to obtain indications every time collars are run or only for spot checks.

Rugged Load Cell delivers accurate torque measurement

In Forum Tongue Torque Systems, the Tension Load Cell transmits applied pull measurements to the indicator gauge.

Manufactured only by Forum Drilling Instrumentation to demanding specifications.

  • Available in four sizes: 3.68 (5K), 4.0 (20 K), 6.53 (25 K), and 10.8 (30 K) square inches
  • Integral design ensures long service life and minimum maintenance
  • Manufactured entirely from bar stock
  • 100% material traceability
  • Maximum single line pull workloads from 20,000 to 30,000 pounds