Applications Served

  • GHT designs and manufactures cooling systems and solutions for various applications in multiple industries. 
  • We specialize in designing customized equipment that can withstand the harshest operating environments.  
  • GHT project managers review every application to ensure that our supplied cooling system is sized accurately for it. 
  • We use our proprietary thermal rejection software to ensure that the cooling system is specifically designed for the customer’s unique application. 
GHT, premiere cooling solution provider
GHT Odessa facility
GHT Edmonton facility

Improve your POWER GENERATION cooling solutions.

  • Diesel 
  • Dual Fuel (Diesel/Gas) 
  • Gas Reciprocating Engines 
  • Turbine Engines 
  • Hydrogen Engines

Optimize your OIL & GAS operations.

  • Frac / E- Frac 
    • Frac Pumping Units  
    • Blenders 
    • Turbine Powered Cooling Systems 
    • Power Generation 
  • Drilling 
    • Power Gen 
  • Production 

Advance your GAS COMPRESSION capabilities.

  • Gas Cooling
  • Air Cooling

Enhance (or Increase) your MINING production.

  • Engine
  • Ancillary Equipment

Engineering Capability

FET GHT can engineer a product focusing on key objectives, such as reducing weight without sacrificing durability and optimizing heat transfer. Our engineering capabilities make us leaders in the field of heat transfer products. To ensure we meet the highest standards, FET GHT performs feasibility tests to find any flaws in a design and rectify them before production begins.