Forum manufactures specialty flanges to securely connect pressure control equipment during well intervention activities. From standard wellhead adapter styles to customized spools, our flanges are compatible to multiple connection types and ensure maximum flexibility for your pressure control needs. All Forum products comply with international manufacturing standards and are fully traceable. Equipment is manufactured in accordance with API 6A.

Double-Studded Wellhead Adapter Flanges

Simple but effective, our wellhead adapter flange connects (crosses-over) two tool strings that require different flange connection styles. Although the low-profile design requires minimal vertical space, it securely connects wireline surface equipment to wellheads even under high-pressure or sour service conditions. Multiple cross-over combinations are available to meet your project needs.

Flanged Adapter Spools/Custom Tees

Forum offers flanged adapter spools in multiple bore sizes and working pressures up to 15,000 pounds per square inch. With many designs and specialty manufacturing available, these flanges are fully certified to American Petroleum Institute (API) 6A standards.

Note: this special-request configuration is not fully API-compliant. Please make this a consideration when ordering this type of flange.