Forum Quality Wireline & Cable Sour Service

Sour Service Cables

Forum’s Quality Wireline and Cable sour service products are constructed with the highest standards using the latest manufacturing and quality control equipment.

Typical wireline cables will get a build-up and some corrosion that will help bond or season a cable over time. However, sour service alloy cable armor wires are made of materials that will not corrode, acting like a new cable on every trip in and out of the well for the life of the cable.

Forum’s Quality Wireline and Cable sour service cable solutions are designed to withstand highly-corrosive environments and extreme well conditions.  Our proven cable technology for corrosive environments are armored with special materials including MP-35N, S75 and S77.


Forum’s wireline capabilities and expertise includes:

  • S75 is made up of nickel and chromium, is a great choice when it comes to certain sour service environments, depending on the concentrations and temperature.
  • S77 is a nickel-iron alloy, offering great performance in very harsh conditions and corrosive conditions.
  • MP-35N is far superior in its ability to withstand extreme well conditions. This higher-grade alloy is an excellent combination of strength and corrosion resistance.

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Quality Wireline & Cable Catalog

Our new Quality Wireline & Cable Catalog allows customers to view a full summary of our product options, information about Forum’s Cable School, and Service Center resources.