FET offers standard manifold trailers and the revolutionary ICBM Trailers and Skids.

ICBM Manifold Trailer and Skid

Welcome to "Wellhead on a Trailer." Welcome to ICBM.

Not every product needs to be revolutionized. Not every product needs to be changed. However, some products do. The ICBM brings a much needed innovation to manifold trailer designs. Our revolutionary concept, while differing greatly from current offerings, utilizes familiar and proven industry standards, i.e. API 6A, 15K, 7 1/16, 6BX flanges. The result: a product that outperforms all other trailers, is safer, and easier to operate and service.

ICBM Features:
  • Superior Manifold Life
    Because of its modular design, each station can be individually removed and rotated to make servicing simple and prevent uneven wear.
  • Standard Components
    Uses standard components such as API 6A, 15K 7 1/16, 6BX Flanges.
  • New XD End Connection
    Patent pending design improves fatigue, side load, and vibration loosening resistance.
  • Easier & Safer to Work On
    With 70% less connections, and the low pressure lines underneath, there is less to work on, and all work is waist height or lower.


Built on the proven design of the ICBM Manifold Trailer, The  7-1/16″ ICBM Skid rigs up easily to our single-line trailer to allow connections for up to 24 pumps

Standard Manifold Trailers

FET Standard Manifold Trailers significantly reduces the hookup and disconnect time of any frac job, with time savings of up to 50% over conventional hookups.

Manifold Trailers are fabricated to customer specifications or standard models are available.