PCE Recertification, Inspection, and Repair

FET’s VAN coiled tubing pressure control experts recognize the significance of regular maintenance and recertification of our equipment for its extended and efficient lifespan. Our team of technicians is always ready to be deployed worldwide in case of any requirement. For significant maintenance and recertification, we have collaborated with authorized vendors strategically worldwide. These facilities ensure that recertification is conducted under direct OEM monitoring and that all equipment undergoes an OEM inspection before issuing a Letter of Conformance.


As stipulated in API RP 16ST, it is mandatory to conduct recertification of all Pressure Control Equipment every five years. With the industry embracing this recommended practice, we stand ready to assist with all your recertification requirements.

Level I – Repair
  • We begin our process by outlining the scope of work with the customer. FE’s VAN experts then conducts testing upon receiving the assets to confirm any issues.
  • A visual inspection and evaluation are conducted, with disassembly as necessary. We generate a report of our findings and present it to the customer.
  • Upon approval of the repairs, the items undergo function and pressure testing to ensure their reliability.
  • If requested by the customer, we can also perform paint touch-ups.
Level II – Annual Service and Maintenance
  • Our maintenance process begins with an initial pressure test, complete equipment disassembly and thorough cleaning for inspection purposes.
  • A visual evaluation is conducted in areas of concern to assess any wear, damage, or corrosion.
  • If any parts are suspected to be non-compliant, they undergo dimensional inspection for repair consideration before recommending replacement.
  • Our team issues a comprehensive report of our findings, recommended repairs, and time and cost estimates are sent to the customer for approval.
  • We replace all rubber consumables and perform repairs per the customer’s decision.
  • After repairs are completed, we conduct pressure and function testing to ensure the reliability of the equipment.
  • Touch-up paint is standard service; premium paint is available for an additional charge and includes sandblasting all components, primer, and dual coat paint.
  • Finally, a new Certificate of Conformance is issued for all replacement parts and work performed.
Level III – Five-Year Recertification
  • Our maintenance process starts with an initial pressure test to ensure the equipment’s proper functioning.
  • We then proceed with a complete equipment disassembly, followed by sandblasting, degassing of the bore, and cleaning to restore the equipment to its parent material for inspection.
  • Our team performs a visual, dimensional, and NDT inspection on each part according to FET engineering designs and specifications.
  • We prepare detailed findings report for all parts, outlining recommended replacements or repairs, and time and cost estimates are sent to the customer for approval.
  • We replace all rubber consumables and perform necessary repairs based on the customer’s decision.
  • Additionally, we degas the BOP body and recoat the cavity to ensure optimal performance. Our team then assembles the equipment, repaints it, and conducts a final pressure test to ensure its reliability.
  • Finally, we issue a new Certificate of Conformance for all replacement parts and work performed, ensuring the customer’s peace of mind.
Critical Spares

FET’s VAN coiled tubing pressure control experts strategically position critical spare parts globally by utilizing our locations in Canada, USA, Latin America, Middle East, Asia, Europe, and partnering with trusted agents and distributors in areas where we do not have a direct presence. This ensures that equipment owners have timely access to the spare parts they need, and our distribution center in Louisiana, USA plays a vital role in this process.