Observation Class ROVs

Forum’s Sub-Atlantic® brand is the world’s leading supplier of Electric Observation-Class ROVs. With a range that extends from the versatile Mohican to the powerful work-class Comanche, our electric ROVs have earned a reputation for quality, reliability, capability and performance.

Designed and built with the highest levels of technology, expertise and innovation, our Observation-Class ROVs operate in the world’s harshest environments and perform a wide variety of underwater tasks. These tasks include observation, survey, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), inspections and specialized tooling applications. Sub-Atlantic Observation-Class vehicles are recognized for their enhanced capabilities, made possible by a sophisticated control system and powerful thrusters.


Mohican was specifically developed to cope with the fast moving and unpredictable turbid waters of the southern North Sea. The ‘dynamic vector’ feature enables the operator to adjust thruster angles on the fly for agile maneuvering and the 3000v 400Hz power system is particularly suited to long tether excursions and deep liveboating operations.

Category: Inspection
Depth Rating: 2000 – 3000m
Maximum Payload: 35kg
Dimensions (H/L/W(mm)): 790 / 1100 / 800
Mass in Air: 340kg
Electrical Requirements: 15 kVA 440 Vac 3-Phase+Neutral 50/60 Hz

Super Mohawk

Super Mohawk is a robust, durable and long proven ROV system designed for high payload, with plenty open deck space and skid mounted options.

Category: Inspection/Light Work
Depth Rating: 2000 – 3000m
Maximum Payload: 35kg
Dimensions (H/L/W(mm)): 850 / 1400 / 900
Mass in Air: 395kg
Electrical Requirements: 15 kVA 440 Vac 3-Phase+Neutral 50/60 Hz


Comanche is the logical choice when seeking the ultimate ‘all around’ electric ROV. Offering a generous auxiliary hydraulic package for work class manipulation and tooling combined with an advanced and powerful control and diagnostics package for survey and other data collection missions, the Comanche offers high performance, high reliability and high adaptability.

Category: Work/Survey
Depth Rating: 2000 – 3000 – 6000m
Maximum Payload: 285kg
Dimensions (H/L/W(mm)): 1250 / 2100 / 1300
Mass in Air: 1130kg
Electrical Requirements: 35 kVA 440 Vac 3-Phase+Neutral 50/60 Hz