Oil Coolers

GHT offers you both cost-efficient standard oil coolers and custom-engineering oil coolers for your specific application.

Canada-Wide CRN Certification

GHT is the only aluminum cooler manufacturer in the world to achieve Canada-wide CRN certification.

U.S. ASME Certified

GHT coolers are ASME-certified in the U.S. and designed according to ASME 2015 BPVC Section II (materials), VIII (construction), and IX (welding).

Cooler Design

GHT engineers its brazed aluminum coolers to assure operational survivability in transport, static, and operating modes. The cooler dead load is 50/50 glycol water at 75% of the cooler volume plus combined cooler component weights.

GHT engineers its coolers to the following factors:

•  Dead load at 2.5G vertical load factor
•  Dead load at 1.6G longitudinal load factor
•  Dead load at 1.4G lateral load factor

Dead load plus centered 300 lb. abuse load in worst-case direction.

Dead load plus cooler operational load in worst-case direction.

The analysis considers the highest load from each mode, typically transported vertically, to determine cooler survivability from the attached point inward to the critical tank to the core weld.

Temperature Cycle Testing

GHT has done extensive product testing to ensure our coolers live in high-temperature applications with no signs of failure.

Pressure Testing

GHT coolers have been third-party burst tested to the highest rating in the industry.

Cooler Design Software

GHT’s custom-designed cooler selection software lets us select the best cooler for your application. Contact a GHT representative to discuss your application, and let us know the cooler size that best meets your requirements.


GHT stocks hundreds of coolers in Edmonton, Houston, and other worldwide locations.