Well Service

Every mud pump encounters a different set of challenges depending on the well it services. Forum offers a unique range of well service parts with numerous hard surfacing options that provide maximum protection against wear and abrasion.

Valves and Seats

For mud pumps that service larger wells, Forum specializes in full-opening valves and seats that feature extremely hard surfacing for excellent wear resistance. Added benefits include brass cages for superior corrosion resistance and polyurethane inserts that withstand even the most severe conditions. For smaller pumps – such as those used in saltwater disposal wells – we offer heat-treated stainless steel valve assemblies (full-opening A/R- or disk-types).

Plungers, Packing and Accessories

All of Forum’s different plungers are available in materials such as ceramic, spray-metal or tungsten carbide. We also offer packing options that include Teflon™, Kevlar®, adjustable, non-adjustable, style 838 and spring-loaded, as well as packing rings in Teflon and brass. Our stuffing boxes and gland nuts are manufactured from high-grade alloy and will withstand the test of time and friction abuse.