Corrosion Protection with Chemical Injection Centralizer

Preventing the adverse effects of wellbore corrosion is an ongoing battle during production operations. While highly effective, chemical injection for corrosion protection also creates a a dilemma in that injecting too little may not stop the corrosion or buildup, but adding too much wastes product and can create downstream emulsion issues.

When installed below electric submersible pump (ESP) motors, our chemical injection centralizer serves as an ESP system centralizer with the additional capability of a chemical injection system. The uniform 360-degree spray ensures even dispersion that reduces the risks of single-dispersion injections while enhancing ESP performance and reliability. Additionally, the centralization function of the chemical injection centralizer allows equal spacing between the motor and casing, which provides equal flow paths for the production fluid to flow – preventing hotspots in the motor and increasing ESP motor cooling.

Forum’s chemical injection centralizers are part of our extensive Multilift artificial lift solutions catalog.

  • Improves chemical treatment by uniform dispersion
  • Improves efficiency of ESP motor cooling
  • Reduces risk of corrosion spots from single-dispersion injection
  • Reduces risk of ESP system damage while running in well
  • Enhances ESP performance and uptime by proper centralization of the string
  • Improves ESP system reliability
  • Downhole ESP system reliability
  • Connection capability for two chemical injection lines
  • Six dispersion nozzles for 360-degree spray dispersion
  • Check valve system
  • Customized tubing sizes and threads
  • Minimum injection pressure of 500 psi
  • Injection flow rate: ¼-inch up to 3.5 GPM, 3/8-inch up to 7 GPM
  • Differential back pressure resistance of 5,000 psi
  • Casing 5-inch or larger
  • Vertical, highly deviated, horizontal wells
  • ESP installations inside liner applications
  • Point-of-departure applications