Standoff guards use augmented channels to shield cables and/or lines that traverse over large outer diameter equipment, preventing damage during installation or completion retrieval. All of our guards are customized for their associated equipment, and field installation is quick and simple using air-driven hydraulic tools to compress collars and secure taper pins.

Forum’s standoff guards are part of our Cannon Services product line and extensive MultiLift artificial lift solutions catalog.

  • Provides tailored solutions to specific well designs.
  • Can be refurbished, extending guard life and reducing secondary workover cost.
  • Adapts to both cost-effective and customized solutions to fit completion budget.
  • Installs quickly, reducing installation time.
  • Broad size range (fits tubing with outside diameters of 2.375-10.75 inches or greater)
  • Compatible for deployment on tubing or flow couplings
  • Multiple designs accommodate all cable/line configurations
  • Options for corrosion-resistant alloy and other specialty steels
  • Secure pipe fit via taper pin
  • Safety valves
  • Chemical injection mandrels
  • Gas lift mandrels
  • Flow control valves