Umbilical cables are the critical arteries of power, fluid injection, control and communication that drive deep-sea drilling. As seabed-based production moves ever-farther from shore, umbilicals are increasingly at risk of damage and failure that can grind production to a halt.

Our umbilical protectors retain and protect cables inside marine risers, and the specialty strap collar design allows the assembly to be custom fit to the outer dimension and durometer of each individual cable. These assemblies are primarily manufactured from noble materials for high reusability and corrosion resistance.

Forum’s umbilical protectors are part of our Cannon Services product line and extensive MultiLift artificial lift solutions catalog.

  • Prevents costly damage to cables or capillaries during installation and retrieval.
  • Provides high reusability, increasing cost savings on well recompletions.
  • Installs successfully in even the most complex offshore/subsea well designs.
  • Installs quickly to reduce workover time and cost.
  • Interchangeable designs (fits tubing with outside diameters of 3.5-13.75 inches or greater)
  • Strap collar design for custom protection and retention based on umbilical dimensions and durometer
  • Designs tailored for deployment overall production tubing and drillpipe connections
  • Installation via air-driven hydraulic tools
  • Options for corrosion-resistant alloy and other specialty steels
  • Offshore subsea completions