True Expertise with Global Tubing Engineered Solutions Team

Coiled Tubing service companies and operators rely on Global Tubing’s Engineered Solutions expertise for maximum string performance and service life. Utilizing Global Tubing’s proprietary technologies SMARTaper™, SMARTaper™ XL, and/or DURACOIL, our Engineered Solutions Team designs optimized fit-for-purpose coiled tubing strings proven to help overall performance. Contact our experts at [email protected] to learn how our exclusive technologies can improve your well’s operations today.  #coiledtubing #gtengineeredsolutions #innovation

Global Tubing partnering with Spooltech to offer customers more

Need your spools, pipes, and lifting equipment certified for offshore applications? We have you covered. By partnering with Spooltech, a leading provider of custom turnkey solutions and offshore certified equipment, Global Tubing’s Coiled Tubing and Coiled Line Pipe can be certified to the highest offshore standards and ready for transportation and deployment. Contact our offshore specialists about your certification needs at [email protected]#offshore #ct #clp #innovation #spooltech

Global Tubing Coiled Line Pipe in the coastal waters of South Louisiana’s Terrebonne Bay

Another successful work program was recently completed using Coiled Line Pipe in the coastal waters of South Louisiana’s Terrebonne Bay. Our team’s quick and efficient installation process allowed us to lay a total of 10 miles of pipe to tie-in two new wells and replace out of service pipelines on 3 additional wells in a tight weather window.  #clp #innovation #linepipe

Global Tubing at SPE ICoTA Workshop 2022 Coiled Tubing Conference in Abu Dhabi

Our experts enjoyed seeing everyone attending this year’s annual SPE ICoTA Workshop 2022 Coiled Tubing Conference in Abu Dhabi. Our team had great discussions on the latest coiled tubing well intervention strategies and trends. Thank you to SPE and the team of volunteers for hosting a valuable conference again this year! #speworkshop #wellintervention #iCoTA

Global Tubing Installing both #TEC and #ESP into a 2.375” CT string

When our customer came to Global Tubing with a unique need, our team delivered! Installing both #TEC and #ESP into a 2.375” CT string, our service team developed a procedure to meet customer requirements, and then they executed it safely and efficiently for a quick turnaround. Have a challenging or unique project? Contact our #coiledtubing experts for solutions at [email protected]#innovation #gtengineeredsolutions

Utilizing Coiled Line Pipe (CLP) to construct CO2 injection systems

Utilizing Coiled Line Pipe (CLP) to construct CO2 injection systems is a safe, quick, and cost-efficient solution. Proven to be three times faster than stick pipe with up to 97% fewer welds, x-rays, and field joint repairs, CLP offers multiple advantages over traditional steel line pipe options. Read our recent CLP case study to learn why Global Tubing’s customers have chosen CLP as their preferred solution for CO2 injection and similar line pipe needs at #coiledlinepipe #co2 #flowlines

Global Tubing designs and manufactures the record-breaking string

Global Tubing designed and manufactured the record-breaking string for mega reach operations in the Middle East, weighing approximately 185,000 pounds and measuring nearly 8 miles of continuously milled 2-3/8-inch tubing. This unprecedented CT string design will service complex well trajectories of up to 5 to 1 MD/TVD ratios where drilling targets extend beyond 40,000 feet measured depth. Our team is proud to have produced the longest and heaviest working string design in the industry, and we look forward to providing cost-effective and the best possible engineered solutions. #gtengineeredsolutions #coiledtubing #recordbreaking #innovation #manufacturingexcellence

Global Tubing proudly supports ICoTA ’22

Global Tubing is proud to be sponsoring next week’s ICoTA Conference on March 22nd and 23rd in The Woodlands, Texas. As this is the first in-person conference allowed in two years, we encourage you to stop by booth #201 and see the advances we’ve made in extended-reach capability, quench & temper technology, and Engineered Solutions for your challenging operations.

Our very own Irma Galvan and Garry McClelland will be presenting studies on wellbore abrasion (March 22nd – 830A) and CT operations in long laterals (March 22nd – 415P). #icota #spe #coiledtubing #wellintervention