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Engineered Solutions, delivering superior coiled tubing string designs

Coiled tubing operators face a spectrum of well challenges, from rapid well pressures and temperature changes to tubing weight management for logistical considerations. Global Tubing’s Engineered Solutions Team understands the struggles our customers encounter and remains committed to delivering superior technical expertise, designing optimized fit-for-purpose coiled tubing strings that increase service life, reach capacity and overall performance within surface equipment weight limitations. CT operators seeking solutions for extended reach applications, high-pressure deep water operations, and fatigue life optimization can rely on our award-winning experts to ensure you accomplish the well completion, intervention, and workover goals you require. Contact our team to learn about the advantages our Engineered Solutions Team delivers to your operations at [email protected]. #engineeredsolutions #coiledtubing #stringdesign #innnovation

Coiled Line Pipe Case Study: Cost Savings and Speed in the Permian Basin

Coiled Line Pipe: Cost Savings & Speed in the Permian Basin

ur customer needed a fuel gas line completed in the Permian Basin – a complex project that had to be completed quickly and on a tight budget. Due to the versatility and cost-savings that Coiled Line Pipe provides, they not only saved more than 12.5% when compared to steel pipe installation, they also saved time and drastically reduced their HSEQ risks in the field. Learn more about the no-hassle solution our Coiled Line Pipe delivers, highlighted in a recent case study, Cost Savings and Speed in the Permian Basin#pipelines #oilandgas #steelflowline

Global-Tubing sets coiled tubing record

Coiled tubing record in North America

We are proud to announce our latest Coiled Tubing record in North America surpassing 30,000-ft of 2.625-in diameter. The string features an engineered makeup for extended reach operations, weighing at 165,000 lb (75 MT) and with a total combined tube and spool weight of 190,000 lb (86 MT). The string is in service and set to break lateral reach records in the MidCon area. Global Tubing continues to demonstrate its leadership in the market by designing and manufacturing the world’s longest and heaviest CT strings for challenging operations. #coiledtubing #innovation #engineeredsolutions

Coiled Tubing Best Practices: Corrosion Prevention

Coiled Tubing Best Practices: Corrosion Prevention

Constantly exposed to harsh environments, it’s no surprise to learn that coiled tubing strings are vulnerable to corrosion. Did you know that localized corrosion damage is one of the leading causes of premature failure? Including corrosion prevention as a critical part of your coiled tubing string’s routine maintenance program will help to extend life and improve performance. Check out our CT Best Practices on Corrosion Prevention to learn about the signs of corrosion and common cleaning tools we recommend.  View our CT Best Practices to learn more.
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Coiled Line Pipe Case Study: Northeast Colorado Flowlines & Gaslift

Our customer in Colorado needed steel flowline installed for 7 new wells, to be tied into a central gathering facility, requiring new flowlines and a gaslift pipeline. Coiled Line Pipe proved to be the best solution, delivering a safe, quick, and cost-efficient steel flowline option over usual stick steel pipe. Check out our newest case study to learn about the no hassle, cost-effective solution Coiled Line Pipe provides. Contact us or your local DistributionNOW Representative for more information or a quote! #pipelines #oilandgas #steelflowline

Global-Tubing Midland Service Center

Global Tubing’s Midland Service Center Celebrates 2 years of Goal Zero

Congratulations to our Midland Service Center team for achieving #GoalZero 2 years in a row – meeting the high safety standards of zero recordable injuries and zero high potential incidents. This was achieved through outstanding leadership and each employee’s dedication to working safely. We are proud of our Midland Service Center for this great achievement and commend them for their unwavering commitment to delivering safe, timely, and reliable coiled tubing services to customers throughout the region. Great way to kickoff #NationalSafetyMonth. Stay safe and keep up the tremendous work! #coiledtubing #safety #midland #odessa

Coiled Line Pipe, Gaslift Operations in the Permian Basin

Major E&P operators trust in Global Tubing’s coiled line pipe (CLP) for gas-lift operations in the Permian. Utilizing a fast and cost-efficient deployment and installation of 4.5″ OD Sch40 (WT 0.237″) coiled line pipe, our clients achieve initial production (IP) goals much sooner and with considerably lower long-term OPEX. Learn more about the advantages coiled line pipe can provide to your operations via our Global Tubing  Coiled Line Pipe page. #coiledlinepipe #gaslift #permian #innovation

Global Tubing partners with Gladiator Energy Services

Continuing our commitment to innovation, Global Tubing is proud to partner with Gladiator Energy to set coiled tubing accessibility records in super lateral wells. The 2.625” OD CT string boasts 29,000-feet of continuous length and was engineered and manufactured by our experts in Dayton, TX. This string is considered the heaviest and longest string in 2.625” OD on record for use in US shale basins. Gladiator Energy has been able to successfully reach target depths, drilling over 76 plugs in 16,000+ feet lateral wells in record time. #coiledtubing #innovation #extendedreach #engineeredsolutions

Global Tubing partners with Cudd Energy Services Pressure Control

Global Tubing, a Forum Energy Technologies Company, and Cudd Energy Services Pressure Control are jointly delivering innovative solutions supporting the challenging growth of lateral lengths in horizontally drilled wells across all US basins. The 26,660’ string of 2 5/8” DURACOIL130 Grade Coiled Tubing, designed in partnership with the Cudd engineering team, is manufactured in the US by our dedicated Dayton staff and reaches beyond convention to deliver industry-leading results. #CoiledTubing #ExtendedReach #OilandGas #MadeintheUSA

Global Tubing’s Evolution of DURACOIL


March 27, 2019 (HOUSTON) – On March 16, 2017, Global Tubing, LLC, the industry leader in coiled tubing products and services, launched DURACOIL 110. Two years later and after the continued success of DURACOIL, Global Tubing is now launching the next evolution, DURACOIL 130.  Specifically designed for higher pressure environments, DURACOIL 130 further improves fatigue life, running footage, and resistance to abrasion minimizing downtime and expanding operational thresholds.

Global Tubing continues to utilize its patent pending, Halo Induction Technology™, to further evolve the capabilities of its quench and tempered product, DURACOIL.  With the launch of DURACOIL 130, we are excited to provide our customers with a product built for the most demanding coiled tubing environments while maintaining the reliability they are used to with the DURACOIL portfolio.

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Global Tubing is a worldwide provider of coiled tubing products and related services for the oil and gas industry. Based in Dayton, Texas, Global Tubing offers advanced, state-of-the-art technology and unsurpassed customer service provided by the best, most experienced team in the industry. The Company also offers the broadest range of coiled tubing ODs and wall thicknesses currently available. Global Tubing is owned by Forum Energy Technologies (FET), headquartered in Houston, Texas. For more information visit,