The Forum Energy Technologies LACT unit provides customers with a semi-customizable means to measure liquid hydrocarbons’ net volume and quality. The unit, designed for enhanced accuracy and reliability, includes the latest measurement technology and is pre-engineered for quick delivery.

  • Reliable, industry-proven technology
  • Customizable for specific customer needs
  • Designed by the latest BLM regulations
  • Digital inline Coriolis flow meter or optional positive displacement meter
  • Electrically actuated three-way, two-position diverter valve
  • Integrated sample probe package with volume regulator
  • 10-gallon sample pot with spray bar and quick closure
  • Durable charge pump and recirculation system
  • Mounted repairable air eliminator
  • Optional automation and digital analytics package
  • Increased measurement accuracy with high-performance Coriolis flow meter and BS&W density compensation
  • Reduced maintenance time with inline BS&W meter and integrated static mixing plate
  • Slim profile single skid design for easy transportation and deployment
  • Reduced delivery time and costs with pre-engineered standard design

Standard Sizes

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