Joule Thomson Skids

The Forum Energy Technologies 1, 3, 5, and 10 MMscfd Joule Thomson (JT) Skids enable the recovery of valuable natural gas liquids while also operating as a fuel gas conditioning unit for oilfield equipment. The system design is for usability, low maintenance, and practicality. FET offers multiple pre-engineered designs to fit nearly every application.

  • Fully pneumatic design requires no external power or instrument air
  • Purpose-built heat exchangers enable maximum performance
  • Flexible design can be customized for specific applications
  • Dual high-performance methanol pumps prevent hydrate formation
  • The triple pipe provides efficient gas/liquid separation on 1 & 3 MMSCFD units
  • Automated hot gas bypass line for rapid startup on 5 & 10 MMSCFD units
  • Multiple control valves for enhanced safety and reliability
  • Rugged pull bar construction allows for easy transport and placement
  • Standard designs reduce overall lead time and enable quicker delivery
  • Robust components run on process gas for remote installations
  • 1440 psig design to handle both low- and high-pressure gas

Standard Sizes

JT Skid
Joule Thompson Skid