P-Quip® Mud Buckets

  • Very controllable fully automatic operation direct from drillers cabin.
  • Safety- the swinging design concept avoids the “pinch points” normally associated with existing automatic designs.
  • Less cluttered drill floor – no discharge hose – no tugger cables – no trailing hydraulic hoses.
  • Positive sealing – big mud savings.
  • Bespoke design.
  • Robust construction for long life.
  • Quick change seals.
  • Adjustable operating speed.
  • 2000-3000 PSI working pressure.
  • Ease of removal – the whole unit is simply dropped in or lifted out of the floor socket.

The P-Quip self supported mud bucket is hydraulically operated. It requires only one action to swing it in to position, close it, and lock it around the drill string. The operator simply pushes the control lever forward to close the bucket and pulls it back to open it. Letting go of the lever at any time will instantly stop the movement.

These systems are individually designed in consultation with your rig personnel, to suit the particular requirements of your rig. It is generally possible to have a “swing” radius of between 1.5M and 2.5M.
To install the system it is simply necessary to cut a square hole through the drill floor and weld in the outlet socket element of the system. The outlet socket is then piped to the mud return system below the drill floor.