Mud pumps are often called the beating hearts of oil and gas rigs. At pressures up to 7,500 pounds per square inch, you need a strong-hearted pump to drive the most essential functions of your operation.

High-quality mud pumps clear cuttings, cool drilling bits and create hydrostatic pressure that protects wellbores from formation fluids. If any of these crucial tasks fail, production grinds to a screeching and expensive halt.

Forum’s comprehensive mud pump systems merge the best of all worlds by teaming field-proven mud pumping equipment with innovative technology and custom configurations. From the industry-respected excellence of our centrifugal mud pumps to advanced well services, we offer robust systems that meet the high-pressure demands of today’s drilling landscape.

Centrifugal Mud Pumps

Our MUD HOG™ centrifugal mud pumps are field-proven to enhance performance and longevity. Superior stability and lower vibration increase pump life expectancy, and fully interchangeable parts help simplify your operations while lowering costs.

Mud Pump Fluid End Modules / Parts

Forum offers a full line of high-quality fluid end modules designed to meet the challenges of high-pressure drilling. From valves, seats and pistons to pump liners, manifolds and rod sealing systems, all components feature high-resistance materials that offer exceptional performance.

Mud Pump Systems

With our patented P-Quip® mud pump system, Forum provides a single-source solution that integrates high-quality fluid end equipment for maximum longevity. Components include high-performance rod, wash pipe, valve cover and liner retention systems, plus heavy-duty valve pullers.

Well Service Pumps

Forum offers well service parts, such as valves and seats, with numerous hard surfacing options for maximum resistance to wear and abrasion.

Plungers feature materials such as ceramic, spray-metal or tungsten carbide, with packing options that include Teflon™, Kevlar® and more. Packing rings, stuffing boxes and gland nuts are manufactured for maximum durability, while optional Merriloy® coating provides long-lasting protection for inside diameters and bores.