Reliable, sustainable, and affordable solutions to advance your new energy operations.

At FET we understand energy and have a long history of delivering safe, reliable, and cost-efficient innovative technology to our customers.  Our products and solutions help operators achieve greater carbon emission improvements, contributing to reduced carbon impact within oil and gas exploration and production lifecycle that supports the energy needs of today. This includes FET product and engineering teams seeking to support a number of impactful offshore fixed wind and carbon capture, sequestration and use (CCSU) projects and providing enhanced solutions to new energy markets, including Geothermal, Floating Offshore Wind, Photovoltaic (Solar), and Long-Term Energy Storage.

GEOTHERMAL | Advance your geothermal technology solutions with FET’s powerful products.

HYDROGEN | Accelerate your hydrogen technologies utilizing FET’s solutions to build versatile, clean, and safe energy.

BIOGAS | Powering your biogas production to provide a clean, renewable, and reliable energy source.

CARBON CAPTURE | Further your carbon capture capabilities for utilization and storage, powered by FET solutions.

SOLAR | Bolster your solar technology developments with FET’s advanced solutions.

OFFSHORE WIND | Improve your offshore renewable energy development utilizing FET advanced technologies.

EMISSIONS MANAGEMENT | Delivering the essential products you need to reduce GHG emissions.

Contact our team for more information about upgrading your energy transition operations with FET solutions at [email protected].