Our HSE Policy

Forum Energy Technologies is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, our customers, and preserving the environment in the communities where we do business. One of our areas of focus is “Making Health, Safety, and the Environment Personal”. We encourage employees to take personal responsibility for their safety and that of their fellow employees, and the environment. Forum strives to continually improve our health, safety and environmental (“HSE”) processes to achieve an incident-free workplace while maintaining a healthy respect for the environment.

At Forum we believe that all injuries and accidents are preventable. Every employee is responsible not just for their own safety, but for the safety of their co-workers. Our goal is to develop a culture where making safe and environmentally conscious decisions is an everyday behavior for all employees.

We are committed to having visible leadership, care and concern for our people and respect for the environment, and have implemented global HSE expectations and HSE management systems to help drive a culture of excellence throughout Forum.

Safety and environmental stewardship is the responsibility of each employee. All Company personnel are empowered with “Stop Work Authority” and are obligated to use this authority when they consider a situation to be unsafe, or that could put people or the environment at risk.

The HSE laws continually evolve. Whenever a question arises as to the application of HSE laws or regulations, Forum employees should seek advice from HSE personnel and/or the General Counsel, and be guided by the advice received.

At Forum we believe in maintaining a close partnership with our supply chain. Therefore, we expect that not only will our employees adhere to this policy, but our contractors, suppliers and vendors will also abide by its requirements.

Our HSE Principles

  • Value human life above all else and mitigate risks accordingly;
  • Comply with all HSE laws and set higher standards for ourselves when unacceptable risks are identified;
  • Maximize transparent reporting by accurately measuring and analyzing our performance;
  • Be actively engaged in the communities where we do business;
  • Promote sustainable development by incorporating social responsibility, environmental renewal, and economic growth in our decision-making process;
  • Hold all employees and members of our supply chain accountable for the implementation of our HSE Policy and Principles;
  • Review the HSE policy periodically to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate;
  • Work continuously to improve safety and environmental performance by setting attainable targets; and
  • Commit adequate resources that support this policy.

Global Tubing API and ISO Certifications

Each tubing string undergoes rigorous in-line and final quality testing against both industry standards and Global Tubing’s own quality system to assure the tubing is manufactured to customer requirements. In July of 2014, Global Tubing became recognized as one of two coiled tubing providers in the world to successfully complete the API 5ST Monogram & ISO 9001/API Certification process.