Coiled Tubing vs Snubbing Unit Workover, Equipment Emissions Comparison

The data does not lie when comparing Coiled Tubing and Snubbing Unit equipment emissions. Coiled Tubing delivers significant advantages, including emissions reductions of as much as 55%. or approximately 5,500kg less CO2 saved per wellpad. To learn more about these proven benefits and more, contact our team at [email protected]  #coiledtubing #emissionsreduction #emissions #energytransition


Pump smarter with FET’s HydraLine™ Single-Line System Download Quick Facts FET’s HydraLine™ Single-Line System: Field-proven technology providing enhanced safety, reduced complexity, and is easily adaptable to any frac pad design.   80% fewer connections and total elimination of all treating iron hammer unions. Providing streamlined rig up and rig down that yields up to 50-60% [...]

Global Tubing designs and manufactures record-breaking Coiled Tubing string

We are proud to share that our team has recently reached a record-breaking CT string design and manufacturing achievement with the world’s longest and heaviest work string in the industry. Backed by a superior manufacturing team with over 150 years of combined expertise, we want to thank our exceptionally talented team for their passion and dedication [...]

Riserless Coiled Tubing Intervention

A safe start to the new year and another great day at Global Tubing, delivering multiple reels to Oceaneering, the global provider engineering expertise and subsea robotics, for their subsea team’s riserless coiled tubing intervention operations. Our custom-engineered strings utilize the latest Coiled Tubing manufacturing and coating technologies to provide a better, more reliable, and [...]

Energy Transition

Reliable, sustainable, and affordable solutions to advance your new energy operations. At FET we understand energy and have a long history of delivering safe, reliable, and cost-efficient innovative technology to our customers.  Our products and solutions help operators achieve greater carbon emission improvements, contributing to reduced carbon impact within oil and gas exploration and production [...]

Forum Process Precipitator

Forum Process Precipitator (FPP) The Forum Process Precipitator (FPP) is a revolution in technology in its class. Able to be utilized in the refining and processing of a wide variety of hydrocarbons, the FPP is easier to maintain and touts a longer run time in comparison to its predecessors. The FPP can be used in [...]