Vanishing Port™

Vanishing Port™ Toe Sleve The FET Davis-Lynch Vanishing Port™ Toe Sleeve features a full-bore one-piece sub with pressure actuated discs. Designed to be run on the bottom of a cemented casing string, Vanishing Port provides the ability to pressure-test the casing and shear out one or more discs to initiate the first stage of fracturing. [...]

Global Tubing designs and manufactures the record-breaking string

Global Tubing designed and manufactured the record-breaking string for mega reach operations in the Middle East, weighing approximately 185,000 pounds and measuring nearly 8 miles of continuously milled 2-3/8-inch tubing. This unprecedented CT string design will service complex well trajectories of up to 5 to 1 MD/TVD ratios where drilling targets extend beyond 40,000 feet [...]

Global Tubing proudly supports ICoTA ’22

Global Tubing is proud to be sponsoring next week’s ICoTA Conference on March 22nd and 23rd in The Woodlands, Texas. As this is the first in-person conference allowed in two years, we encourage you to stop by booth #201 and see the advances we’ve made in extended-reach capability, quench & temper technology, and Engineered Solutions [...]

Engineered Solutions and Special Projects

As a leading coiled tubing string OEM, specializing in extended reach and ultra-deepwater wells, we are pleased to see our string designs being used for special projects worldwide. Contact our team to learn about cost-effective, reliable, and low-risk solutions for even the most challenging projects at [email protected] #specialprojects #innovation #extendedreach #ultradeepwaterwells

Crawfish Boil 2022

Event Parking RSVP: Let us know if you'll be joining us on May 4th! Δ

Gas Management

GasGuardPump Saver PlusGasGuardForum GasGuard® Gas slugs develop under numerous production conditions resulting in various circumstances including changes in reservoir conditions, changes in production strategy (EOR/IOR) and changes in production rates. Despite the situation, slugging is one of the most widely faced issues in the oil and gas industry. This is especially true for unconventional wells [...]