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While their profiles may be slim, valves loom large in the safety and success of your business. Selecting the best valves to manage fluid flows are some of the most fundamental decisions you will make in planning a long-term drilling operation.

As the sole manufacturer of ABZ™ products, Forum is proud to offer robust valve solutions that are in operation around the world. For more than 40 years, ABZ valves have outperformed even in difficult fluid compositions and extreme applications. Available in a wide variety of sizes and functions, our extensive catalog ranges from broad-purpose check and butterfly valves to high-performance actuators. All of Forum’s ABZ valves are designed to be long-lasting and cost-effective while offering precise performance and simplified maintenance.

Check Valves

Used primarily to prevent reverse flow through pipes, high-quality check valves protect pumping equipment, boost energy savings, reduce maintenance and increase uptime. Forum’s cost-efficient double-door wafer check valves offer a sleek low profile that is well-suited for tight spaces. Heavy-duty and corrosion-resistance, their innovative features ensure positive sealing and exceptional flow control.

Butterfly Valves

As some of the most versatile and cost-effective options for flow management, Forum’s lightweight and durable ABZ butterfly valves include resilient-seated, double-offset and triple-offset configurations. Machined for high tolerance and easy field maintenance, they include meticulous features such as molded ring seals, bubble-tight shutoff and snap-in Resil-O-Seat™ seat-securing designs.


When attached to valves that manage flow control, actuators harness pressure or current energy to move their internal mechanical parts. By allowing remote valve operation, actuators also inherently increase safety, efficiency and cost profiles. To meet the hard-service requirements of today’s drilling environments, Forum offers a comprehensive selection of pneumatic and electric actuators, as well as manual actuator accessories.

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