Hundreds of thousands of oil and gas wells operate across the globe, and more than 95 percent of them require some form of artificial lift system. As an experienced well operator, you understand how artificial lift choices can make or break your production.

Forum’s innovative solutions enhance artificial lift systems, offering a proven track record of protecting against cable breaks, hard starts, gas slugs and corrosion. Our flexible, custom, easy-to-install products leverage next-generation technology and are backed by our dedicated team of technical experts.

Sand Management and Control

Sand and solids during drilling are inevitable, and most wells require some form of sand management/sand control system. Our industry-respected SandGuard™ and Cyclone™ products provide an essential over-and-under system to shield Electric Submersible Pumps (ESPs) and radically improve well performance. More than 3,000 field installations have verified that SandGuard improves ESP life up to 1,200 percent, while Cyclone’s unique vortex technology eliminates the erosion and plugging issues that plague traditional sand screens.

Cable Protection

Cable systems can be an Achilles heel for wellbore operations, with factors such as friction and breaking strain leading to sudden, expensive failures. The Cannon Services product line provides advanced cable protection for virtually any configuration of control lines, ESP cables, umbilical lines or lower-encapsulated bundles in the wellbore. Our versatile motor lead extension and Winterhawk protectors suit multiple well types including deviated, vertical, horizontal, geothermal, offshore and subsea applications.

Gas Slug Protection

Gas slugging is one of the most unpredictable and costly situations in drilling, especially for unconventional wells lifted by ESP systems. Unlike traditional slug catchers that merely contain the problem, our patent-pending GasGuard™ breaks down and infuses gas slugs before they reach the pump. The resulting fluid is lighter, easier to lift and provides continuous lubrication and pump cooling for improved performance and fewer shutdowns.

Chemical Injection Corrosion Protection

Preventing the flow-killing effects of wellbore corrosion is an ongoing battle. Installed below ESP motors, Forum’s chemical injection centralizer serves as a motor centralizer with the additional capability of a chemical injection system. Unlike single-dispersion injectors, the uniform 360-degree spray design provides even dispersion that reduces corrosion and build-up, leading to better pump performance.

Artificial Lift

Streamlining downhole activities and extending the useful run-life of wellbore equipment are the cornerstones of a winning artificial lift strategy. To simplify and improve your lift production, Forum offers advanced solutions such as Y-tool modular bypass and ESP POD systems. Leveraging next-generation technology, the flexible Y-tool system installs easily on the production tubing, enabling reservoir evaluation and intervention without ESP removal. For maximum pump protection, custom-engineered ESP POD capsules guard pumps and isolate casings from the over-pressure and corrosion that lead to production loss.