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As your wells encounter increasingly complex completions scenarios, artificial lift practices remain one of the most critical aspects of successful production. Streamlining downhole configurations, anticipating future well work and extending the useful run-life of wellbore equipment are the cornerstones of a winning artificial lift strategy. To simplify and improve your lift production, Forum offers advanced artificial lift solutions such as the ESP Modular Y-tool and Encapsulated POD systems. Easy to install and maintain, these systems improve your artificial lift and completions strategy through extended run-life; bypass access for direct reservoir intervention; options for independent pay zones; and protection of casing in corrosive environments.

Reach is a new kind of artificial lift and frac hit recovery solution – powering your well from the surface. The standalone solution eliminates costly well interventions keeping your production flowing faster and allowing you to reach more reserves, profits, and efficiencies. Reach may also be deployed alongside existing artificial lift technologies improving their effectiveness and efficiency. Through ReachPS, you can expand your overall reservoir potential.

Accelerating production, accessing more reserves, and prolonging well and reservoir life.

As a standalone solution.

Reach can take wellhead flowing pressure to below 20 psi while still producing and can achieve up to a 40:1 compression ratio in a single stage. By reducing wellhead and tubing flowing pressures, gas in the tubing expands and increases in velocity, which sweeps liquids up and out of the well – reducing backpressure on the well and enhancing production and reserves.

No one else offers this in one complete system.

ReachPS - Reach Production Solution

Achieve a heightened state of production in multiple phases by over 300% through Reach production solutions. Reach is a first-of-its-kind artificial lift solution that powers the well straight from the surface. You can mobilize the Reach production system at any specific point of the well’s lifecycle.

At its core, the Reach production system self-adjusts to ensure compatibility and flexibility with a dynamic operations environment in multiphase wells.

Plus, the Reach production system reduces operational costs and allows entities to deliver a positive impact on the production, recovery, and lifecycle.

Essential Features and Capabilities of Reach System

Reach allows you to speed up, recover, and expand operations. You can also utilize the Reach production system to cut out expensive well interventions and ensure stable and optimized production flow. This, in turn, is bound to accelerate production, increase efficiencies and profit margins, and reach more well reserves.

Reach production system (ReachPS) is easy to install, operate, review, simulate, monitor, and maintain. The Reach production system is the answer to ensure profitable and productive wells. With the Reach production system, you can ensure multiphase wells step up to the game and reach their full capacity.

On top of simple plug-and-play, the Reach system allows you to make direct contact with the well on the surface and accelerate the production of multiple phases. It is a lightweight and compact solution that takes less than 24 hours to install and allows you to cut back on methane emissions significantly.

As leading artificial lift manufacturers in the USA, you can expect the most competitive artificial lift prices. Take an initiative and transform your multiphase well production. Reach out to us to learn more information about our dedicated artificial lift solutions.

Artificial lift oil and gas in the USA
Artificial lift oil and gas system in the USA

Powering your well from the surface.

Accelerating production, accessing more reserves and prolonging well and reservoir life.

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Restarting a well

We arrive with the system ready to go. No well intervention required. We connect to your production line and you’re ready to go!

  • Compact, lightweight, and easily transportable.


Frac hit recovery

  • Reach quickly removes liquids from frac hit wells.
  • Reach speeds up recovery from frac hits and restores production an order of magnitude faster.
  • Reach removes preload and/or frac hit fluids quickly from parent wells to restore production
    to prior levels, improving operator revenues and reserves


Emissions elimination

  • Reduced emissions from storage tanks and loading
  • Reduced emissions from production operations
  • Reach reduces slugging and well upsets, eliminating the need to flow back to an open top tank to unload wells.
  • Kick off loaded wells that could flow into an open top tank.
  • Potential emissions are not released to the environment, but kept inside the pipe and gathered.
  • Centralized processing via multiphase gathering benefits
    • Eliminates wellsite emissions and flaring due to improved centralized processing.
    • Reduces wellsite expense
    • Eliminates pad trucking and other costs
Artificial lift oil and gas in the United States

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