Lift Advancement

As your wells encounter increasingly complex completions scenarios, artificial lift practices remain one of the most critical aspects of successful production. Streamlining downhole configurations, anticipating future well work and extending the useful run-life of wellbore equipment are the cornerstones of a winning artificial lift strategy. To simplify and improve your lift production, Forum offers advanced artificial lift solutions such as the ESP Modular Y-tool and Encapsulated POD systems. Easy to install and maintain, these systems improve your artificial lift and completions strategy through extended run-life; bypass access for direct reservoir intervention; options for independent pay zones; and protection of casing in corrosive environments.

Y-Tool and Modular Bypass System

As a well operator, you understand the increasing difficulty of producing new reserves and the importance of smart well stimulation, especially as onshore options favor unconventional plays. At the core of these operations is the need for easy access to the reservoir without retrieving the completion.

Forum offers a flexible Y-tool modular bypass system that leverages next-generation technology. Installing easily on the production tubing, the bypass creates one conduit for reservoir access, another for electric submersible pump (ESP) support. The patented design provides convenient access for wireline interventions such as stimulation and logging and harnesses the ability to configure multiple ESPs – increasing uptime and production while reducing workover costs.

Forum’s Y-tool modular bypass systems are part of our extensive Multilift artificial lift solutions catalog.

  • Reduces workover expenses by enabling reservoir evaluation and intervention without ESP removal.
  • Increases uptime by enabling the use of multiple ESPs as backup, minimizing deferred oil production.
  • Enhances production if ESPs are used in a series, providing redundancy in ESP operations.
  • Lowers costs by using a repairable design with high rerun rate.
  • Industry’s first non-cast Y-tool
  • Easy field assembly, inspection and test
  • High rerun rate
  • Easy to repair
  • Available in many steel grades (carbon, stainless, etc.)
  • Wireline or coiled tubing intervention below the ESP
  • Multiple ESPs in parallel or series
  • ESP backup systems
  • Onshore and offshore wells
  • Subsea or deepwater production

ESP POD System

Harsh downhole environments pose never-ending threats to electric submersible pumps (ESPs) and completions reducing run-life and requiring costly replacements. One of the best strategies to prevent damage is an ESP encapsulation system – also known as a POD or CAN system – that encloses pumps into protective environments. These sealed pods allow fluids to be conveyed through the POD system providing a barrier against harmful well fluids.

Forum’s custom-engineered ESP POD systems encapsulate, isolate and support pump systems and can produce multiple zones independently or dual ESP configurations. In fact, we were the first in the industry to successfully produce and install a dual-tandem ESP POD encapsulation system in 2015. Easily installed, inspected and tested, these hardy systems isolate casing from over-pressure and corrosion, preventing damage and avoiding production loss.

Forum’s ESP POD systems are part of our extensive Multilift artificial lift solutions catalog.

  • Increases production by enabling the use of ESPs in series and reducing the HP requirement by ESP.
  • Isolates casing from over-pressure or corrosion.
  • Protects ESP and avoids production loss from casing damage.
  • Enables the use of hydraulic-commanded tools for drillstring testing.
  • Easy field assembly/disassembly, inspection and testing
  • Available in various metallurgies, sizes and connections
  • Highly deviated, vertical or horizontal wells
  • Well testing
  • Dual ESP systems
  • Corrosive fluids production
  • Onshore and offshore wells
  • Subsea or deepwater production