SandGuard is a unique multi-lift solution from FET that makes it possible to eliminate potential factors that lead to ESP failures.

SandGuard is a revolutionary technology that captures and quarantines fallback sand to keep pump restarts trouble-free. Proven through thousands of installations, SandGuard has demonstrated enormous increases in ESP run times in sandy wells.

SandGuard supports multiple applications such as ESP installations, horizontal or deviated oil wells, and offshore or onshore wells.

Benefits of Using SandGuard
    • Improves ESP life up to 1,200 percent
    • Protects pumps from sand fallback via continuous auto-flush feature
    • Captures all sand and debris falling onto pumps after shutdown, creating a clean start every time
    • Provides ESPs with softer starts that significantly improve pump life
    • Eliminates communication with the annulus, resulting in zero risk of failure or fluid recirculation
    • Offers compatibility with all ESP-produced flow rates
    • Withstands the harshest downhole environments
    • Offers standard or custom connections to production tubing
Essential Features of Using SandGuard

When it comes to Forum Energy Technologies’ sand management system, it is hard to top SandGuard. It is a perfect solution to capture the fallback of solids and sand and then separate it from the pump.

Due to its flushable design, our clients continue to commend its cleanable features that pave the way for repeated use. You can use SandGuard for multiple configurations and ensure get a fitting for a specific casing size. And despite the size, you can count on the effectiveness of SandGuard.

What Makes SandGuard So Unique

SandGuard captures the essence of the Forum Multilift sand management system and offers advanced sand control. SandGuard is a revolutionary piece of technology that quarantines and captures fallback sand to ensure the pump restarts without any issues.

After thousands of installations, it has become clear that SandGuard can significantly speed up run times for sand wells. Unlike other similar products in the market, the installation of SandGuard is simple and comes down to the pump discharge.

Sand management system in the USA
Best sand management system in the United States

Practical Validation of SandGuard
This case study case study unearths how effectively and dramatically SandGuard managed to increase the ESP runtime for Mississippian Lime wells as opposed to unprotected wells. With over 3,000 installations, data highlighted that SandGuard can accelerate the ESP life by over 1,200%.

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