Motor lead extension (MLE) cables may keep a low profile in downhole operations, but these flat cables are the critical relay between main power cables and motors. To ensure maximum performance, our MLE ESP cable protectors ensure a superior fit and protection for these compact cables. Offering a lower running profile and improved deployment location, these streamlined protectors improve electric submersible pump (ESP) system reliability during installation and operation and minimize the cost of motor lead extension and pot-head failures.

Forum’s MLE protectors are part of our Cannon Services product line and extensive Forum Multilift Solutions catalog.

  • Reduces the risk of MLE cable damage during ESP conveyance in well
  • Minimizes MLE cable failure risk due to lower running profile and improved deployment location
  • Offers high reusability that improves project economics
  • 316 SS to prevent corrosion
  • Special retention clip for protecting up to two capillary tubes
  • Anti-rotation bolt for preventing protector rotation
  • Available for all sizes and manufacturers of ESP equipment
  • Deviated, vertical or horizontal wells
  • Conveyance inside liner casing
  • Steam-assisted gravity drainage wells
  • Geothermal wells
  • Offshore wells
  • Subsea wells