Design and Manufacturing Details

Manufactured & Tested to Meet Industry Standards

The Quality Advantage
  • Unique to Quality Wireline is our custom designed “infinite lay” armoring process which allows us to optimize armor coverage ensuring the highest quality cable.
  • Our leading edge high-speed Rewinder coupled with our rigorous quality control on wire supply eliminates the vast majority of potential quality problems related to wire.
Forum Quality Wireline & Cable
  • Temperature rating of the cable is based on a ‘normal tension and temperature profile’ ‘Normal tension and temperature profile’ refers to situations in which cable tension and temperature increase with depth. Maximum temperature being at the bottom of the borehole.
  • All cable diameters and wire diameter shown in the catalog are nominal.
  • All electrical conductors are water blocked using a process which precisely controls the amount of blocking material applied to the conductor. This process effectively minimizes the effects of fluid or gas migration through the conductor.
  • 95% – 100% concentricity maintained on all extruded conductor.
  • State-of-the-art non-contact measuring systems for diameter, ovality and concentricity provide real-time quality control data, enabling a fully closed loop control system to ensure optimum conductor quality. Electronic records are archived with the quality control
  • Repair to the electrical conductor insulation are not allowed if the copper conductor is exposed.
  • Electrical conductor resistance and insulation is corrected to 20° C/ 68° F.
  • Electrical resistance and capacitance values in the catalog are nominal.
Cable & Breaking Strength
  • There is a direct relationship between the tensile strength of the wire and the breaking strength of the cable. Breaking strength values are specified on individual cable specification sheets.
  • The cable breaking strength is tested and guaranteed, with no cable end rotation
  • The cable breaking strength is a calculated value with ends fixed.
  • The cable working load on standard cables has been extended to 60% of rated cable breaking strength.
  • Several armor types can be selected depending on the application and well conditions. Our standard cables are armored with galvanized improved plow steel (GIPS) wire, high strength cables are armored with extra galvanized improved plow steel (XGIPS). Our cables for corrosive environment are armored with corrosive resistant nickel alloy materials, including S75, S77 and MP-35N.
  • TCI (Torque Compression Inhibitor) is applied between armor layers to minimize the fluid migration and for friction between the layers during the initial runs on the cable, until seasoning occurs.
  • The cable armor is coated with a protective grease to maintain armor surface quality during shipping, handling and storage.
  • All armor wires are pre-formed during the manufacturing Average pre-form value 77% (+/- 2.5%).
  • Butt welds are NOT allowed in the outer armoring process.

Quality Wireline & Cable Catalog

Our new Quality Wireline & Cable Catalog allows customers to view a full summary of our product options, information about Forum’s Cable School, and Service Center resources.