Professional Cable Training, Customized to Fit Your Operations

Building the industry’s leading cable is only part of our job. Training our customers how to improve their wireline operations is the other.

At Forum, our commitment to improving our customer’s performance extends beyond your cable purchase. We offer comprehensive training programs to help our customers thrive. Our experts have over 100 years of combined experience delivering world class wireline manufacturing, cable installation, cable servicing and field operations in the industry, and are well qualified to help your team solve problems and apply best practices to enhance your wireline activity.

Offered for both conventional and greaseless cable, our training programs are developed to meet the needs and goals of our customers. Our customized programs are designed to include the fundamentals of operations, specific product information, as well as address common industry challenges and how to overcome them.

Training Programs Taught by Industry Experts

Popular program topics include:

  • Cable Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Technical Support
  • Cable Installation
  • Care and Treatment of New Cables
  • Inspection and Maintenance of Cables
  • Field Operations
  • Sour Service Cables
  • Field Problems

Contact us today to schedule a customized cable training program for your team.