Standoff guards use augmented channels to shield cables and/or lines that traverse over large outer diameter equipment, preventing damage during installation or completion retrieval. All of our guards are customized for their associated equipment, and field installation is quick and simple using air-driven hydraulic tools to compress collars and secure taper pins.

Forum’s standoff guards are part of our Cannon Services product line and extensive MultiLift artificial lift solutions catalog.

  • Provides tailored solutions to specific well designs.
  • Can be refurbished, extending guard life and reducing secondary workover cost.
  • Adapts to both cost-effective and customized solutions to fit completion budget.
  • Installs quickly, reducing installation time.
  • Broad size range (fits tubing with outside diameters of 2.375-10.75 inches or greater)
  • Compatible for deployment on tubing or flow couplings
  • Multiple designs accommodate all cable/line configurations
  • Options for corrosion-resistant alloy and other specialty steels
  • Secure pipe fit via taper pin
  • Safety valves
  • Chemical injection mandrels
  • Gas lift mandrels
  • Flow control valves

Chemical Injection

Corrosion Protection with Chemical Injection Centralizer

Preventing the adverse effects of wellbore corrosion is an ongoing battle during production operations. While highly effective, chemical injection for corrosion protection also creates a a dilemma in that injecting too little may not stop the corrosion or buildup, but adding too much wastes product and can create downstream emulsion issues.

When installed below electric submersible pump (ESP) motors, our chemical injection centralizer serves as an ESP system centralizer with the additional capability of a chemical injection system. The uniform 360-degree spray ensures even dispersion that reduces the risks of single-dispersion injections while enhancing ESP performance and reliability. Additionally, the centralization function of the chemical injection centralizer allows equal spacing between the motor and casing, which provides equal flow paths for the production fluid to flow – preventing hotspots in the motor and increasing ESP motor cooling.

Forum’s chemical injection centralizers are part of our extensive Multilift artificial lift solutions catalog.

  • Improves chemical treatment by uniform dispersion
  • Improves efficiency of ESP motor cooling
  • Reduces risk of corrosion spots from single-dispersion injection
  • Reduces risk of ESP system damage while running in well
  • Enhances ESP performance and uptime by proper centralization of the string
  • Improves ESP system reliability
  • Downhole ESP system reliability
  • Connection capability for two chemical injection lines
  • Six dispersion nozzles for 360-degree spray dispersion
  • Check valve system
  • Customized tubing sizes and threads
  • Minimum injection pressure of 500 psi
  • Injection flow rate: ¼-inch up to 3.5 GPM, 3/8-inch up to 7 GPM
  • Differential back pressure resistance of 5,000 psi
  • Casing 5-inch or larger
  • Vertical, highly deviated, horizontal wells
  • ESP installations inside liner applications
  • Point-of-departure applications

ESP Sandguard

SandGuard is a unique multi-lift solution from FET that makes it possible to eliminate potential factors that lead to ESP failures.

SandGuard is a revolutionary technology that captures and quarantines fallback sand to keep pump restarts trouble-free. Proven through thousands of installations, SandGuard has demonstrated enormous increases in ESP run times in sandy wells.

SandGuard supports multiple applications such as ESP installations, horizontal or deviated oil wells, and offshore or onshore wells.

Benefits of Using SandGuard
    • Improves ESP life up to 1,200 percent
    • Protects pumps from sand fallback via continuous auto-flush feature
    • Captures all sand and debris falling onto pumps after shutdown, creating a clean start every time
    • Provides ESPs with softer starts that significantly improve pump life
    • Eliminates communication with the annulus, resulting in zero risk of failure or fluid recirculation
    • Offers compatibility with all ESP-produced flow rates
    • Withstands the harshest downhole environments
    • Offers standard or custom connections to production tubing
Essential Features of Using SandGuard

When it comes to Forum Energy Technologies’ sand management system, it is hard to top SandGuard. It is a perfect solution to capture the fallback of solids and sand and then separate it from the pump.

Due to its flushable design, our clients continue to commend its cleanable features that pave the way for repeated use. You can use SandGuard for multiple configurations and ensure get a fitting for a specific casing size. And despite the size, you can count on the effectiveness of SandGuard.

What Makes SandGuard So Unique

SandGuard captures the essence of the Forum Multilift sand management system and offers advanced sand control. SandGuard is a revolutionary piece of technology that quarantines and captures fallback sand to ensure the pump restarts without any issues.

After thousands of installations, it has become clear that SandGuard can significantly speed up run times for sand wells. Unlike other similar products in the market, the installation of SandGuard is simple and comes down to the pump discharge.

Sand management system in the USA

Practical Validation of SandGuard
This case study case study unearths how effectively and dramatically SandGuard managed to increase the ESP runtime for Mississippian Lime wells as opposed to unprotected wells. With over 3,000 installations, data highlighted that SandGuard can accelerate the ESP life by over 1,200%.

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    Motor Lead Extension (MLE) Protectors

    Motor lead extension (MLE) cables may keep a low profile in downhole operations, but these flat cables are the critical relay between main power cables and motors. To ensure maximum performance, our MLE ESP cable protectors ensure a superior fit and protection for these compact cables. Offering a lower running profile and improved deployment location, these streamlined protectors improve electric submersible pump (ESP) system reliability during installation and operation and minimize the cost of motor lead extension and pot-head failures.

    Forum’s MLE protectors are part of our Cannon Services product line and extensive Forum Multilift Solutions catalog.

    • Reduces the risk of MLE cable damage during ESP conveyance in well
    • Minimizes MLE cable failure risk due to lower running profile and improved deployment location
    • Offers high reusability that improves project economics
    • 316 SS to prevent corrosion
    • Special retention clip for protecting up to two capillary tubes
    • Anti-rotation bolt for preventing protector rotation
    • Available for all sizes and manufacturers of ESP equipment
    • Deviated, vertical or horizontal wells
    • Conveyance inside liner casing
    • Steam-assisted gravity drainage wells
    • Geothermal wells
    • Offshore wells
    • Subsea wells


    Gas slugs develop under numerous production conditions resulting in various circumstances including changes in reservoir conditions, changes in production strategy (EOR/IOR) and changes in production rates. Despite the situation, slugging is one of the most widely faced issues in the oil and gas industry. This is especially true for unconventional wells produced with artificial lift technologies including electric submersible pumps (ESPs) that can experience significant increases in operation costs and capital expenses due to lost production, damaged equipment and inefficient operational envelopes which in turn lead to differed incremental production that could be captured in an optimized ESP system.

    The best solution is prevention: disrupting gas slugs before they disrupt production.

    FET presents the patent-pending Forum GasGuard®, which breaks down/infuses gas slugs before they reach an ESP system, creating an uninterrupted flow of liquid through the pump and eliminating slug flow. The result is a more consolidated, continuous production stream with higher liquid content leading to increased motor cooling and improved ESP performance with fewer shutdowns. With a streamlined, simplified design, FET’s GasGuard represents a new paradigm of protection against unpredictable gas slugs.

    Our Forum GasGuard® is part of FET’s extensive Multilift artificial lift solutions catalog.


    • Unconventional wells
    • Steam-assisted gravity drainage wells
    • Wells with severe gas slugging
    • ESPs, rod pumps, progressing cavity pumps, hydraulic piston/linear pumps


    • No moving parts
    • Modular design for extreme applications
    • Compatible with chemical injection centralizer, SandGuard™ and Cyclone™ products


    • Installs and pulls easily using the production string
    • Improves efficiency of ESP motor cooling
    • Reduces equipment costs with simple design
    • Disrupts gas slugs before they reach the pump intake
    • Improves pump runtime and performance
    • Helps prevent pump shutdowns caused by gas lock
    • Work in conjunction with and can reduce the need for expensive ESP gas handling devices that are still susceptible to gas lock


    Cyclone ESP leverages proven vortex technology as part of a superior sand protection system. Applicable to onshore, offshore, deviated or horizontal wells, it prevents sand damage, extends pump run life and dramatically lowers lease operating expenses.

    With one size for all flow rates, Cyclone easily retrofits to any ESP well. Because it rests directly below the pump, installation requires no downhole preparation. The high-efficiency centrifugal action separates a wider range of grain size than sand screens, sending de-sanded fluid to the pump and solids to a tailpipe below. With special metallurgical construction and no moving parts, Cyclone’s vortex technology avoids the erosion and plugging issues of traditional sand screens to provide exceptional sand control.

    Features and Benefits
    • Protects ESPs from sand damage.
    • Extends run life to dramatically lower lease operating expenses.
    • Minimizes or eliminates costly workovers, ESP replacements and lost production.
    • Installs easily, featuring high reusability and one-size-fits-all casing weights.
    • Allows field change of rubber elements.
    • Enables quick change and rerun without leaving rig floor.
    • Eliminates need to rotate motor or tailpipe.

    Cross Coupling Protector

    Downhole cables are especially vulnerable during installation and retrieval. Our cross-coupling protectors support virtually any configuration of control lines, electric submersible pumps, umbilical lines or encapsulated bundles in the wellbore. The protector’s channel shields cables and lines as they transition across the coupling, helping to prevent damage during installation or retrieval of completions. The compressive fit design accommodates oversize or undersize tubing per American Petroleum Institute specs and securely engages the cable or lines to the tubing.

    For your most challenging well environments, Super 25 cross-coupling protectors provide the same functionality as our standard protectors with the added benefit of superior corrosion resistance. No matter which configuration you choose, installation is quick and easy with air-driven hydraulic tools.

    Forum’s cross-coupling ESP cable protectors are part of our Cannon Services product line and extensive Forum Multilift Solutions catalog.

    Benefits (Standard Configuration)
    • Prevents costly damage to cables or capillaries during installation and retrieval
    • Offers high reusability, increasing cost savings on well workovers
    • Installs successfully in even the most complex offshore/subsea well designs
    • Installs quickly to reduce workover time and cost
    Additional Benefits (Super Duplex 25 Configuration)
    • Superior resistance to many forms of corrosion encountered in oil and gas wells.
    Features (Standard Configuration)
    • Interchangeable designs (fits tubing with outside diameters of 2-13.75 inches or greater)
    • Multiple channel designs available to support multi-line configurations.
    • Suitable for high-angle wellbores
    • Available in custom configurations
    • Options for corrosion-resistant alloy and other specialty steels
    Additional Features (Super 25 Configuration)
    • Highly resistant to uniform corrosion from most acids, as well as chloride pitting and crevice corrosion
    • Superior resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking
    Applications (Standard Configuration)
    • Artificial lift
    • Permanent gauges
    • Intelligent wells
    • Fiber optics
    • Safety valves
    • Geophones
    Applications (Super 25 Duplex Configuration)

    Mid Joint Clamp

    For superior downhole cable protection, pair Forum’s mid-joint clamps with cross-coupling protectors on the tubing string. Installed mid-joint on the tubing, these clamps can secure virtually any configuration of control lines or cables in the well. Per American Petroleum Institute specs, the compressive-fit design accommodates oversize or undersize tubing and securely engages the cable or lines to the tubing.

    Forum’s mid-joint clamps are part of our Cannon Services product line and extensive Forum Multilift Solutions catalog.

    • Prevents costly damage to cables or capillaries during installation and retrieval.
    • Provides high reusability, increasing cost savings on well workovers.
    • Protects even the most complex offshore/subsea well designs.
    • Installs quickly and easily, reducing workover time and cost.
    • Designs to accommodate all cable and line configurations
    • Options for corrosion-resistant alloy and other specialty steels
    • Multiple channel designs available to separate multi-line configurations
    • Artificial lift
    • Permanent gauges
    • Intelligent wells
    • Chemical injection
    • Safety valves
    • Geophones

    ESP POD System

    Lift Advancement

    As your wells encounter increasingly complex completions scenarios, artificial lift practices remain one of the most critical aspects of successful production. Streamlining downhole configurations, anticipating future well work and extending the useful run-life of wellbore equipment are the cornerstones of a winning artificial lift strategy. To simplify and improve your lift production, Forum offers advanced artificial lift solutions such as the ESP Modular Y-tool and Encapsulated POD systems. Easy to install and maintain, these systems improve your artificial lift and completions strategy through extended run-life; bypass access for direct reservoir intervention; options for independent pay zones; and protection of casing in corrosive environments.

    Harsh downhole environments pose never-ending threats to electric submersible pumps (ESPs) and completions reducing run-life and requiring costly replacements. One of the best strategies to prevent damage is an ESP encapsulation system – also known as a POD or CAN system – that encloses pumps into protective environments. These sealed pods allow fluids to be conveyed through the POD system providing a barrier against harmful well fluids.

    Forum’s custom-engineered ESP POD systems encapsulate, isolate and support pump systems and can produce multiple zones independently or dual ESP configurations. In fact, we were the first in the industry to successfully produce and install a dual-tandem ESP POD encapsulation system in 2015. Easily installed, inspected and tested, these hardy systems isolate casing from over-pressure and corrosion, preventing damage and avoiding production loss.

    Forum’s ESP POD systems are part of our extensive Multilift artificial lift solutions catalog.

    • Increases production by enabling the use of ESPs in series and reducing the HP requirement by ESP.
    • Isolates casing from over-pressure or corrosion.
    • Protects ESP and avoids production loss from casing damage.
    • Enables the use of hydraulic-commanded tools for drillstring testing.
    • Easy field assembly/disassembly, inspection and testing
    • Available in various metallurgies, sizes and connections
    • Highly deviated, vertical or horizontal wells
    • Well testing
    • Dual ESP systems
    • Corrosive fluids production
    • Onshore and offshore wells
    • Subsea or deepwater production
    artificial lift oil and gas